UAV Training

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Project Description

UAV Training

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a aircraft that does not need a pilot. UAVs are also referred to as edil drones ”, which means ground-controlled aircraft.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are used by military and security forces in many areas such as following, exploration, search and rescue works, weapon technology, cinema, photography, real estate, industrial system inspection (pipelines, construction), agriculture, mapping, and usage areas every day. increasing.

For UAVs with a maximum take-off weight of more than 500 g, it is compulsory to have a pilot license approved by the DGCA.


Training Details

1 UAV Introduction 1 hour 3 hours
2 Air Law and Responsibilities 2 hours 6 hours
3 Aircraft, Flight Dynamics and Flight Principles 1 hour 4 hours
4 Meteorology 1 hour 2 hours
5 ATC Procedures and Aviation Frezyology 1 hour 3 hours
6 Navigation and Operation 2 hours 5 hours
7 Control Systems 1 hour 4 hours
8 Propulsion Systems 1 hour 3 hours
9 Avionic Systems 1 hour 3 hours
10 Maintenance and Repair 1 hour 3 hours
Total 12 hours 36 hours

Required Documents

  • 2 Biometric Passport Photos
  • Copy of Identity Wallet
  • Judicial Register Certificate (You can get it via e-government)
  • Location Document (You can get it via e-government)
  • Health Report (Class B Driving License)
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